About Us

We provide lenders and their appraisers the ability to interact directly and in real time using the lenders existing LOS, without an expensive and often unreliable AMC middleman, in full compliance with Dodd/Frank, Reg-Z , Appraiser Independence Rules and Truth in Lending Regulations through double-blind, fully auditable communication technology.

The intelligent platform identifies the correct appraiser for the job based on their location, credentials, performance and availability, eliminating much of the operating overhead required by a traditional AMC. The result is reliable appraisal fulfillment with significant compliance cost reductions to the lender while maintaining full Customary and Reasonable fees to the appraiser. Our fixed pricing schedule saves the lender money and does not require the appraiser to split their fees with us or pay any subscription or junk fees.

Our VQA+ Valuation Quality Assurance Plus program provides the appraisers almost instant feedback on four critical aspects of their appraisal: Completeness, Compliance, Credibility and the Complexity of the appraisal report. Any appraisal issues can be addressed before the appraisal is uploaded to the lender saving both the appraiser and the lender time and aggravation with conditions and stipulations after delivery of the appraisal.

Finally, MISMO xml and pdf appraisals are delivered to the lender along with the VQA+ report, a transparent invoice, and SSR’s – ready for underwriting. The platform can also auto-deliver the completed appraisal to the borrower as required by regulations.

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