The appraisal industry has undergone many changes but one thing remaned constant. The management process.


Appraisal management has always been the domain of someone or some company in the middle to accept, assign, receive, deliver and bill for their services. A traditional local office method, tweaked and applied to the national level as an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) that has remained virtually unchanged for decades. "We've always done it that way."

No longer

A fully automated, self serve platform at your service.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Complexity Scoring,  Automated Process Management, Assignment Logic, Appraiser and Appraisal Report Card Scoring, Rules based Quantitative and Qualitative reviews within a three factor QC/QA process and a third party accountancy in order to smooth the process flow our technology is unsurpassed. 

Process automation technology allows the platform to be Dodd-Frank compliant but most importantly our partners pay on average 30% higher fees to their appraisers within a very competitive AMC cost structure (in other words they match or BEAT what your borrowers are paying), resulting in significantly reduced turn times and delivery of higher quality appraisals. 

We help make the lending experience delightful for the borrower, lender and the appraiser. 


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